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Queen Mum Gives Prince William a Crappy Birthday Gift

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Grandmas are forever adorably botching birthday gifts – spelling your name wrong on the card, mixing you up with your siblings, etc. But the one thing they always do right? Understand the importance of a good gift – generally, cold hard cash. So it stands to reason, the more high profile the gammy, the better the gift, right? Not if you’re Prince William.

According to The Mirror, for Prince William’s 32nd birthday, Grandma Liz didn’t just do the ol’ savings bond in a musical card trick, she went with something that required more than an envelope: a helicopter. Unfortunately, the £8 million helicopter isn’t quite William’s, because apparently even royals aren’t immune to the exceptional financing offers that come from leasing vehicles. The loaner jet, despite its lack of permanence, has already been dubbed Heirforce One.

While the best birthday gift (if you’re a royal) is the throne, a leased jet is a close second I guess.

[h/t: E!]