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Shakira’s New Music Video Looks Funny, Probably because She’s Not Allowed to Dance Near Men Anymore

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Did anyone else think that Shakira’s music video for her “La La La (Brazil 2014)” World Cup single look like a messy collage of elephants, sand, and soccer players? It’s such an obvious hodgepodge of inserts with Shakira dancing in front of a movie screen playing the B-roll of her back-up dancers. She’s probably in a random studio all by her lonesome.

Now while this could be a scheduling conflict between her and the elephant, I personally blame her Spanish soccer player boyfriend, Gerard Piqué, who won’t allow the singer to perform with men in her music videos. Yes, even if the pop star’s an honest dancer — y’know, because her hips don’t lie (I know. I’m sorry.) So with those parameters in mind here’s the She-Wolf’s latest video about uniting the world. Enjoy as she maintains a safe distance from any male backup dancer, actor, or soccer player, which (I guess fairly) includes Gerard’s despotic face.

[h/t E! Online]