Helen Fielding’s ‘Single Girl’ Valentine’s Day Playlist Is Totally Wrong

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Helen Fielding

Bridget Jones author Helen Fielding — supposed master of the single lady psyche — just shared her “single girl” Valentine’s playlist with People magazine. That was very generous of her. There is only one problem with it. It is completely wrong.

It’s not all bad. “Mad About the Boy” would be an inspired choice, were it not secretly advertising for Fielding’s third novel, which also happens to be called Mad About the Boy (no points). Celine Dion is definitely not played enough in 2014, agreed (one point)Amy Winehouse is good — keep that, good job (three points). But the rest? This is smooth-jams depressville up in here. Where is Beyoncé? Where is Robyn? And for god’s sakes, where is Alanis??? Am I supposed to dance around my room in my underwear thrash-sobbing to “Game of Love,” Helen?