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Justin Bieber Doesn’t Know Better and Uses Instagram to Lazily Woo the Ladies

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Parents, this is what happens when you take a child out of the school system too early. Because while baby-voice Justin Bieber had a pop-star singing gift that needed to be shared at age 14, baby faced Justin really should’ve gone to high school, if only to learn how to interact with a woman in person. It’s the only logical explanation as to why he keeps using Instagram to communicate in his relationships, instead of those awkward, in-between class downtimes where he had to muster up courage to walk up to his crush’s locker like the rest of us

The pop star’s been using the photosharing-social app for some lazy-man wooing as seen in his most recent comment to his rumored girlfriend Yovanna Ventura’s prom photo. Baby faced Justin wrote a typo-ed “I see you In that Dolce Dress. Glad u had fun. :),” and the 18-year-old Yovanna shared a photo of him in a tux because if you put those side-by-side that’s sort of them going to prom together.

Too bad Justin didn’t attend though, because it’s just the type of formative experience that would’ve done him some good. He could see how other men interact with their dates, what date etiquette looks like, and how people act in the real world, rather than the Instagram one.

It’s also not the first time the littlest Biebs thought Instagram communication was gold. Around the time of the Oscars, his baby face posted a photo of then-ex girlfriend and fellow baby face singer, Selena Gomez. He called her “the most elegant princess in the world” in a passive-aggressive Instagram attempt to win her back.

Okay, fine. That worked. But seeing as the Jelena Reboot lasted as long as that choreographed dance they shared, it’s probably not best to restart a relationship because of an Instagram post. It’s probably not best to share one’s relationship regrets on an Instagram post too. In fact, it’s probably not best that baby faced Justin Bieber has an Instagram at all. Someone please shut that down.

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