Taylor Swift Crashes a Fan’s Bridal Shower, but It’s Okay Because She Brought Her a KitchenAid Mixer

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Taylor Swift Bridal Shower fan

Like a gangly, blonde fairy Godmother or a more delicate version of Pimp My Ride‘s Xzibit, Taylor Swift crashed a fan’s bridal shower this weekend and basically pimped it out. No one will care that Grandma gave the couple that antique embroidered quilt, and let’s just forget about that handwritten recipe book handed down from generation to generation, because Taylor Swift was there!

She might be taking a page out of Jennifer Lawrence’s book and stealing the bride’s show, but it is pretty sweet of Taylor to pop up like that. The bride, Gena Gabrielle, is a long time fan of Tay’s — having met her in 2007 at a meet and greet —and according to E! she invited the singer to her wedding. Of course, being an international pop star with perpetual romantic hijinks, Taylor didn’t have time for a wedding (in Ohio of all places!), but she did make time to come to the shower.

Along with not being invited, Taylor committed another big party foul by showing up the other guests with her fancy-schmancy gift registry items like a KitchenAid Stand Mixer (complete with what looks like a hand-written recipe) and Le Creuset French oven and pots and pans. Do you really want to be the loser who just bought

It’s pretty funny actually because according to the bride’s Twitter, she and her groom-to-be don’t really cook. Well, it’s the thought that counts anyway, Tay.


[h/t The Gloss]