Johnny Weir Is No Longer In A Timeout For Biting His Husband

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Johnny Weir Bit Husband Victor Voronov

Olympic skater and aspirational fashion god Johnny Weir will no longer have to add a third descriptor – domestic abuser – to his latest accolades. His husband, Victor Vorono,  has dropped the abuse charges against Weir. What were those charges for? Oh, you know, biting.

The three-time U.S. national champion (of biting) allegedly took a hunk out of his hunk a month before he headed off to Sochi to confab with Tara Lipinski about ice dancing, fashion, and panties. Voronov did not take kindly to this dental dispute, and filed a police report in New Jersey where they live. However, the pair appeared in front of a judge today and Voronov requested to have the charges dropped. The judge obliged, complimented Weir on his bouffant (“Nice hairdo!”), and the two went on their sartorially impeccable way.

And you thought Weir’s most famous bite was when he went fishing in the Black Sea and got saltwater on his mink.