What We Can Learn from Soulmates Kelly Rowland and Beyoncé

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When it comes to soulmates, the love of your life doesn’t necessarily have to be a significant other. It can be anyone. It can be a puppy, your sister, a pet rock, or even Beyoncé. Yes, Beyoncé — or Queen Bey to all of us common folk — because according to her Destiny’s Child sister Kelly Rowland, she’s the perfect soulmate. (So no worries, Kelly has clearance to call her Beyoncé.) The singer and newlywed told HelloBeautiful:

“I believe in soulmates. I believe soulmates are not just in relationships, but they’re in friendships. I have soulmates through Beyoncé and Michelle and Angie and Solange and LaLa. I have soulmates. I’m so thankful for that too because I think they understand you. If there’s something on my heart or my mind, before I can even pick up the phone, one of them is calling me saying “What are you doing? Are you ok?” We’re connected and I think that’s such a beautiful thing. It’s the greatest gift you can have.”

It’s true. As the saying goes, chicks before the significant male we might be dating (or something like that). Isn’t that what Destiny’s Child has taught us throughout the years? I mean, looking at the different phases of the mega group, I think we can see our own journeys and how our soulmates were there all along.

You Guys Will Grow Up Together

Original Destiny's Child bug a boo


Sure, You Might Roll with a New group

destiny's child say my name


But You’ll Support Each Other as you take charge of your life



You guys will shift to whoever needs the spotlight



And you’ll take each other out when you need it

14 - 1


You’ll survive the hard times together



So it’s okay if you guys grow apart

kelly rowland beyonce


You’ll do your own thing



You guys have been together since the beginning

destiny's child


You’ll Always Have Each Other’s back, Always

Kelly Rowland Beyonce