Channing Tatum Is Very Good at Changing Diapers, Brags Channing Tatum

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Human Golden Retriever Channing Tatum is good at many things, like acting and dancing and having a face. Also changing diapers — dude is real good at changing diapers, he tells People.

Not that it was always this way. Just one short year ago, right before the birth of his daughter Everly, the actor expressed concerns. “I have never changed a diaper before, so I may need some help learning. I hope I don’t have any problems where the diaper falls off and the baby poops on the ground,” he told the magazine. But now, Channing Tatum has triumphed, which makes sense: Channing Tatum always triumphs. “I’m solid at changing a diaper now,” he admits. But he is humble. That is the other thing about Channing Tatum: he is always humble. “If a guy isn’t good at changing a diaper, I don’t know what he’s there for really,” he continues, ’cause they’re not there for any other reason than to do that because the mom is the end-all, be-all of everything.”

Luckily for Tatum, and for wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum, and also daughter Everly, recipient of the aforementioned diapers, the 21 Jump Street star is earning his keep. “I can do the whole thing while she’s crawling, standing up. I’m pretty solid at it!” he says, again. They do not call him magic for nothing.