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Jason Derulo Feels the Pressure to Ask Jordin Sparks to Marry Him, Especially after Writing a Song Called “Marry Me”

He could’ve called it “Hey, I’m not ready. Let’s wait,” but maybe that wasn’t catchy enough.

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Olivia Munn’s Right, There’s No Way to Look Sexy While Shaving (or Performing Other Hygienic Habits)

Cleanliness may be next to Godliness, but it sure as hell isn’t near sexiness.

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Selena Gomez Just Broke Up With Everyone on Instagram

They’re never, ever getting back together on Instagram.

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Tiger Woods’ Ex-Wife and Girlfriend Are Friends and We Shouldn’t Be Surprised

You’ve gotta be tough to wrangle that Tiger.

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First Loves

You Will Never Believe Who Ariana Grande’s First Celebrity Crush Was

Shomebody, shtop her.

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Celeb Weddings

Judy Greer Celebrated Her Husband’s Nerd Love with a ‘Planet of the Apes’ Themed Wedding

Nothing says romance like a post-apocalyptic Earth where animals rule.

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Bow Down

Chris Pratt Gives Anna Faris the Perfect French Braid, Wins Instagram and Marriage, Forever

Winning our hearts, one plait at a time.

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Khloe Kardashian is Casually Dating a Rapper You’ve Never Heard Of (Okay, His Name is French Montana)

If you’ve never heard a French Montana song, I’d guess that you are in the majority here.

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Mad Men

Everyone on Mad Men Knew Vincent Kartheiser and Alexis Bledel Were Going to Date, Except Them

Even Jon Hamm called it before they did.

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Daniel Radcliffe Used Wizard Magic to Hide His Girlfriend for 2 Years

She was probably under the invisibility cloak this whole time.

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5 Important Life Lessons from the Lindsay Lohan Reality Show

Thanks, Oprah.

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Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart Teach Us About True Love as They Play the Newlywed Game

I only hope to love someone as much as Ian loves Patrick.

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Emma Stone

Unlike Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone is Willing To Open Up To Vogue About Their Relationship

He’s a VIP in her life.

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I’m Jealous of Idris Elba’s New Baby, Because He Gets Idris Elba for a Dad

Why can’t he just adopt me already?

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If I Follow Pharrell’s Dating Advice, Do I Get to Date Pharrell?

I can age nearly as gracefully.

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Brooklyn Nets Star Andrei Kirilenko’s Wife Is Not Happy With Coach Jason Kidd for Benching Her Husband

But she really likes Nelly lyrics, circa 2002.

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Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde’s About to Pop, Both Baby and Career

Lucky interview with the actress shows a bright future for the mom-to-be.

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Not Okay
GQ Men Of The Year Party - Carpet

Why Is ‘People’ Magazine Promoting ‘Scandal’ Star Columbus Short After His Domestic Violence Arrest?

And what does it say about how the media represents celebrities?

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The Royals

Kate Middleton Publically Pokes Fun at Prince William’s Bald Spot

Like he didn’t already have Kate Middleton Hair Envy.

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Throwing Shade

A Whole History of Ridiculous Things Kirsten Dunst Has Said about Women and Sex

It’s the only way to stop her from talking.

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